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  • Still guessing whether your dishes are clean or dirty?

    Still guessing whether your dishes are clean or dirty?

    Now you can easily identify if the dishwasher load needs to be clean or you may catch the last ride and add some more cutlery due to Clean/Dirty Sign Indicator. Our dishwasher magnets are reversible so all you have to do is just rotate the magnet. When it says CLEAN it means that the dishes are clean and it's time to put them away. When you read DIRTY it indicates that the dishes are dirty and it’s time to run a dishwasher.
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  • What are the most powerful magnets? Sure thing Neodymium Magnets!

    What are the most powerful magnets? Sure thing Neodymium Magnets!

    Neodymium magnets are great alternative to ceramic or ferrite magnets. If you would like to get better and stronger holding results – Neodymium magnets are the way to go! Just imagine: one neodymium magnet can hold up from several to 35 kilograms, but still has practical dimensions, resistant to corrosion and doesn`t lose it`s magnetic power within time.
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  • Magnetic letters

    Want to raise a small genius?

    X-bet MAGNET magnetic letters, numerals and figures will be your best assistant in teaching your children new skills and making learning fun. Study the alphabet, new words and numerals , form syllables, words and even sentences with the X-bet MAGNET magnetic letters. The Magnets are made of EVA Foam which is just perfect for tactile perception and are of ideal size for a child's hands. ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS: an eBook.
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  • flexible magnets

    Have you heard of flexible magnets? What are they?

    These magnets are thicker and have fainter holding power than the ceramic magnets, but still hold up about 100 grams, which makes them just perfect for light objects. X-bet MAGNET flexible magnets:
    • can be twisted, bent, slit, and shape them whatever desired
    • allow greater design creativity
    • don’t lose their magnetic power unless when exposed to more powerful magnetic fields
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    • ceramic magnets

      What are ceramic magnets? Where do they come from?

      Quick excursion through the world of ceramic magnets. Ceramic magnets aren't the strongest ones as their holding power varies from 100 to 500 grams, but be sure that would be quite enough for your daily use. Moreover they are of different sizes and some of them even have the adhesive backing!
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