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Create your own unique magnets!

X-bet MAGNET has a perfect suggestion for you! We`ve created a set with crystal clear glass cabochons that will execute any of your creative projects. Rest assured in a high-quality of X-bet MAGNET magnets which comply with ISO 9001 standards. Note that they have practical dimensions: round magnets’ diameter – 0.7'' (1,7 cm) and 0.2'' (0,5 cm), clear glass cabochon’s diameter – 0.9'' (2,5 cm).

Are you passionate about crafting and would love to make personalized magnets? Use pictures of your loved ones, children’s artwork, vacation photos, images of your perfect characters, attractive patterned papers, add some glitter and let your imagination run wild.

Recommended application:

  1. Choose a photo or picture that you like, trim the needed size to fit the glass cabochon, glue it to the glass dome by using any transparent glue with the front side.
  2. Apply ceramic magnet to the back with a hot glue gun or any other superglue of your choice.

Just expand your imagination and become a designer while using craft magnets with cabochons by X-bet MAGNET. 🧲

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