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Organise your working space properly!

Trying to keep up with nowadays pace of life and not forget anything?

X-bet MAGNET totally understands you. We would like to introduce ceramic magnets to solve this problem. Thanks to our Ceramic Magnets you may stick new reminders, to-do lists to magnetic board or just decorate your working place with some postcards, pictures or words of motivation to encourage yourself for future achievement. You may easily find the needed size and shape in our store as there is a great variety of ceramic magnets. Our magnets are made of iron oxide, sintering and the pressing of a powdered mixture of strontium which provides their high strength (for about 2800 Gauss) and high-quality.  These Сeramic Magnets are perfect for Crafts, Science & Hobbies. You may easily stick them to Refrigerator, Whiteboard, Fridge or a Magnet Board.

Expand your imagination and give your ideas new life together with the X-bet MAGNET.

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