110 Pcs Disc Magnets (0.7 Inch(19 mm))
Product ID: B072M2WDRN
Price per package: $19.99


Circular magnets are extremely strong - Grade 8, 3200 Gauss. One magnets itself can hold up to 12 sheets of paper. It is absolutely perfect for crafts, school, science, refrigerator, kitchen, DIY’s, hobbies, office, fridge, whiteboard.
Comes with a BONUS inside!

Product Dimensions Diameter: 0.7” (18 mm)
Thickness: 0.2” (5 mm)
Material  Ceramic
Shape Disk
Grade 8
Pull Force 3200 Gauss
Pcs in package
110 PCs
Weight 1.6 pounds
Brand Name X-bet MAGNET
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