Magnetic Letters with a Dry Erase Board (78 Letters, 26 Numerals)
Product ID: B0788MR8LC
Price per package: $31.99


Designed by parents and teachers, this alphabetic set contains everything you may need to build vocabulary, improve spelling skills and help learning.
Our Eco-friendly Abc Magnets set will turn the cramming of letters into an exciting game.
All letters and objects are separate magnets, which the child can place on a magnetic whiteboard or on a fridge.
Each foam letter is of convenient thickness and size.
We developed this perfect spectacular design for tactile perception and chose bright colors that stimulate the memorization process.The large dry erase board allows two kids play at once.

Size of a Board 16”x 12.5” (40.6 cm x 31.7 cm)
Approximate size of a Letter

Uppercase: 1.6” (4 cm)

Lowercase: 1.2” (3 cm)

Approximate size of a Number

1.2”-16” (3 - 4 cm)

Letters Included 76 foam magnetic letters ( 52 upper case, 26 lower case)
Numerals Included 26 foam magnetic numerals (20 numbers, 6 math symbols)

Type of Foam used

Weight 4.87 pounds
Brand Name X-bet MAGNET
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