Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape (1.5 Inch x 10 Feet)
Product ID: B07DNRJQ81
Price per package: $15.99


Where To Use:
Flexible Magnetic Strips may be used on porcelain tiles, plastic, metal and other smooth surfaces.
It is ideal for craft projects, home, magnetic pages, photo magnets, picture magnets, banners, signs, display, white, dry erase boards, magnetic labels, automotive, tools, kitchen, bathroom, garage, living rooms, classrooms.
Different uses could include shelf labels, arts and crafts, commercial and industrial use, creative kid projects, office organization.

How to use:
Tape can be cut with a simple pair of scissors.
After cutting to your desired length, flatten the tape by adhering it to a metal surface for up to 24 hours.
Attaching several strips to the object or surface you wish to apply the Adhesive Tape will ensure a maximum strength hold that won’t let you down.

Our rolls are composed of two layers of magnets of the opposite poles, therefore the strips will not attract or stick itself to each other or to other magnets.
The magnetic strips is mainly meant for attracting small and light metal objects.

Product Dimensions Length:10 feet
Width: 1.5 inch
Thickness: 2mm (0.08")
Pull Force 675 Gauss
Adhesive Backing TESA
Weight  1.88 pounds
Brand Name X-bet MAGNET
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