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Adhesive Magnetic Strip for Knives Kitchen with Multipurpose Use as Knife Hol...AU


User information: · Adhesive Surface Please make sure the surface to which you are applying the adhesive side is dry, clean, and adhesive-friendly. We recommend applying strips to ceramic tiles, glass, metal, wall paint, smooth wood panels, or plastic. To obtain good adhesion starting with a clean surface is essential - clean it with some alcohol and wait until it’s dry. Afterward, peel off the protective film and apply the magnetic strip with adhesive backing. · Magnetic Surface The surface on which you plan to stick the magnet should be magnetically receptive. Please note, such surfaces as aluminum or copper are NOT magnetically receptive. · Pull Force X-Bet Magnet Magnetic Strips are meant to hold up several knives or tools. Please note that if you wish to hang up heavier objects, it is essential to use multiple magnetic strips.

UPC 00850045943820