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Bring your creative ideas to life with the use of magnets!

Turn them into a reality together with the X-bet MAGNET! 

Our ceramic and flexible magnets will help you to organise space and create any magnetic DIY project. Now you can forget about using glue - our magnets have permanent 3m adhesive backing. All you need to do is just peel and stick! 

Magnets with adhesive backing are the perfect choice for those who like different kinds of experiments. Just expand your boundaries and use craft magnets with adhesive in various fields: as office magnets, fridge magnets, school magnets, ferrite magnets, DIY magnets, and more. Spend time with your children, relatives and friends to decorate your own home space, and office space. 

  • Organise your make-up stuff. Choose ceramic magnets with adhesives and stick them to the back of your highlighter, eye shadow box, nail polisher and so on and adhere to the magnetic board. For now all your cosmetics will be kept within reach and in place.
  • Organise your spice jars and containers. Simply stick ceramic magnets to the needed surface and attach metal lid of the jars to the magnets. In case you have some magnetic surface, just stick the magnets to the backing of the container and apply to that surface. 
  • Create handmade magnets simply by adding the magnet at the backing of chosen figure or created stuff and attach it to the fridge or to any other desired magnetic surface. 
  • Keep your notes, reminders, to-do lists or any desired picture within sight, by sticku=ing them to the fridge with ceramic or flexible magnets.
  • Organise your utensils with the use of Flexible Magnetic strips or choose Magnetic Knife Holder to keep your knives and other kitchen gadgets in place. 

Use your spare time and find common hobbies with kids by using X-bet MAGNET ceramic magnets!

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