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Want to have something unique? Bored with sameness?

X-bet MAGNET has a solution for you! Together with Flexible Magnetic Tape you can turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a piece of modern art. These tapes are perfect for use on porcelain tiles, plastic, metal and other smooth surfaces. One of their advantages is that it can be cut to your desired length by a simple pair of scissors.( Included as a FREE BONUS). If you want to ensure a maximum strength hold just use several strips. Just cut out an appropriate piece of tape, stick it to the LED lightning and adhere it to the metal railing. Here we go! A unique shelving with illumination is in front of you!

Magnetic Strip with Strong Self Adhesive is a multifunctional Magnetic Roll that can be used in totally different fields: Education, Science, Kitchen & House, Office, Building, Creativity & Craft and so on. Sticky Magnetic Sheets perfect for any DIY projects!

Use your imagination and brighten up routine things!

In our store you may find a magnetic tape of any needed size.

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