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  • Glass magnets glass cabochons

    Create your own unique magnets!

    Wondering how to express your creativity? X-bet MAGNET has a perfect suggestion for you! We`ve created a set with crystal clear glass cabochons that will execute any of your creative projects. Follow the instructions and become a designer while using craft magnets with cabochons by X-bet MAGNET. 🧲
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  • Ceramic magnets , flexibel magnets

    Organise your space with the use of magnets

    Have you always been dreaming of organizing your space? X-bet MAGNET is rushing to help you! We came up with many neat ways to use magnets and make your space organized and tidy. Here are some magnetic hacks from X-bet MAGNET 🧲 just for you how to organise your working space, desk, kitchen, garage and not only!

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  • Glass Magnets

    Practical usage and attractive design? That is all about glass magnets!

    What are glass magnets? Sounds pretty fragile but that is just at the first glance. Glass magnet is an ideal combination of transparent clear glass dome so the  images become vibrant and instantly catch attention and of a strong magnet. Each magnet measures about 1.28" diameter x 0.34" thick and holds up to 130-150 grams which makes them perfect for holding light objects and a FREE BONUS: stickers with the same print as on the magnets.
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