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Have you heard of flexible magnets? What are they?

magnetic stripsThat` s easy, these have all the magnetic characteristics and at the same time might be twisted, rolled and cut. 

These magnets are thicker and have fainter holding power than the ceramic magnets, but still hold up about 100 grams, which makes them just perfect for light objects. 

Their distinctive feature is that they may be applied not only to flat surfaces as they will take up the needed shape. It is extremely versatile material, so there is a great choice of applications. They can be removed and rotated, as well as some of them might be printed and bent so you may adopt them for all your purposes. 

At our store you may find flexible tapes, strips, sheets, printable sheets, dots, squares and dry erase labels.

All you have to do is cut out the needed size peel and stick your magnet. 

Among other benefits of using X-bet MAGNET flexible magnets these include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • They can be twisted, bent, slit, and shape them whatever desired
  • Such magnets allow greater design creativity
  • They don’t lose their magnetic power unless when exposed to more powerful magnetic fields

You just can’t name their common use as Flexible Magnets are now everywhere and their popularity continues to grow. And it’s no surprise with such a broad field of possible use! They are ideal for craft projects, home, graphics, banners, signs, white/dry erase boards, automotive and classrooms. Other uses include shelf labels, arts and crafts, commercial and industrial use, creative kid projects, office and home organization. 

Boundaries are only in your head. Get crafty with X-bet MAGNET!

Check out the whole variety of flexible magnets at our store!

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