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Practical usage and attractive design? That is all about glass magnets!

Practical usage and attractive design? That is all about glass magnets!

What are glass magnets? Sounds pretty fragile but that is just at the first glance. Glass magnet is an ideal combination of transparent clear glass dome so the  images become vibrant and instantly catch attention and of a strong magnet. Each magnet measures about 1.28" diameter x 0.34" thick and holds up to 130-150 grams which makes them perfect for holding light objects.

X-bet MAGNET has an extensive range of different designs, so you can easily get the one that perfectly fits your preferences and interior.
Our sets include: 12 PCs or 10 PCs clear glass magnets for the fridge and a FREE BONUS: stickers with the same print as on the magnets. Stay assured, that durable crystal clear glass with a powerful magnet will not scratch or damage any surfaces. Glass magnet isn't only about the decoration but also can perfectly hold photos, documents, pictures, kids artwork and family photos. 

Surprise your friends and family with a perfect magnetic gift! Our cute decorative magnets are perfect for kitchen refrigerators, classroom, lockers, office space and whiteboards. 

Are you a pet lover, admirer of art,  into a vintage atmosphere or prefer some cute butterflies to add some festive look to ordinary things? All that is waiting for you. Not another word, check them out by yourself.

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