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Organise your space with the use of magnets

Have you always been dreaming of organizing your space? X-bet MAGNET is rushing to help you!

We came up with many neat ways to use magnets and make your space organized and tidy. Here are some magnetic hacks from X-bet MAGNET just for you!

  1. Working space. Tired of a messy desk at work? Apply Adhesive Ceramic Magnets to any surface on your working space and keep small things in place by attaching them to the magnet. Voila! Now you won’t be wondering where your pen is!
  2. Kitchen. Spice jars take too much space? We’ve got you covered! Use our Magnets with adhesive backing and create your own spice jars organiser by sticking the adhesive side to the needed surface and attach lids to the magnets just like on the picture. Isn’t it super convenient?
  3. Garage. Magnets will also perfectly serve for organising your space in the garage, stick Magnetic Tape to the wall and store your metal tools just on it. 
  4. Child`s desk. Our Flexible Magnets will be just as good for organizing your child's desk too! For example, add our Magnetic Strips to the wall and apply a pencil cup on them like we showed on the picture. No more pens and crayons all over the place since all of them will be kept inside in the cup and always be within reach.

These are just a few ideas to get your creativeness going! Moreover ceramic magnets from X-bet MAGNET will not only help you organize your space but also create any magnetic DIY project! How awesome is that!

Curious? Hurry up and find your perfect set at our store.

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