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Still guessing whether your dishes are clean or dirty?

With our new Double Sided Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet you will know it  for sure.

X-bet MAGNET thinks through every detail for your convenience and comfort.

Now you can easily identify if the dishwasher load needs to be clean or you may catch the last ride and add some more cutlery due to Clean/Dirty Sign Indicator. Our dishwasher magnets are reversible so all you have to do is just rotate the magnet. When it says CLEAN it means that the dishes are clean and it's time to put them away. When you read DIRTY it indicates that the dishes are dirty and it’s time to run a dishwasher. 

As our top priority is your satisfaction we`ve also included a FREE BONUS – Adhesive metal magnetic plate – which works on any non-magnetic dishwasher surfaces. At our store you may find a great design variety of strong flip magnets that firmly apply to any magnetic surface. Check them out and choose the one that perfectly fits your preferences!
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