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Want to raise a small genius?

Foam Magnetic Letters and Figures X-bet MAGNET magnetic set will be your best assistant in teaching your children new skills and making learning fun. Study the alphabet, new words and numerals , form syllables, words and even sentences with the X-bet MAGNET magnetic letters. The Magnets are made of EVA Foam which is just perfect for tactile perception and are of ideal size for a child's hands. 

ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS: especially for our customers we have created an eBook which contains interactive games, tips and tricks on teaching your child how to spell, write and count. All you have to do is scan the QR code and click «download»

Why should you choose X-bet MAGNET? 

  1. Premium materials: non-toxic, eco-friendly, soft touch, so they are just perfect to improve kids’ and toddlers’ fine motor skills. 
  2. Attractive design: bright Multi-Colorful ABC alphabet magnets stimulate the memorization process. 
  3. High quality : Magnets are durable and sticky – their full backing is magnetic, so there’s no chance magnet will become loose or get lost. 
  4. Convenience: foam magnetic letters, numerals and figures are widely used on fridges, magnetic, dry erase boards, metal or other magnetic surfaces. 

These Kits would be perfect for preschool learning activities, spelling and counting! Besides, it is very useful for kindergarten teachers, parents and homeschoolers as well. 

Make Learning Fun and Happy Time together with X-bet MAGNET!

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