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What are the most powerful magnets? Sure thing Neodymium Magnets!

Neodymium magnets are great alternatives to ceramic or ferrite magnets. If you would like to get better and stronger holding results – Neodymium magnets are the way to go! Just imagine: one neodymium magnet can hold up from several to 35 kilograms, as the ceramic ones carry only about 500 grams. But that doesn't mean that neo magnets are of a big size or take up too much space! They are of practical dimensions, resistant to corrosion and don't lose their magnetic power within time. What remarkable characteristics! 

Such magnets are used in a variety of fields:

  • Home improvement 
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Gym appliances
  • All kinds of science and creative projects
  • Organisation of your working space 
  • Car services

Using Neodymium magnets please be cautious and make sure you safely separate them. You will need to slide the top magnet and carefully start lifting it. Watch your fingers!

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